Archaeological sites



Another more significant city, Gortyn, located 30km from Agia Galini, was developed in the fertile plain of Messara. Even though it was inhabited for first time since the late Neolithic Age (3000 BC) enjoyed its greatest prosperity in the times of Roman domination. The hostile attitude of Knossos against the Romans made them turn to Gortyn, which offered no resistance. The Romans designated it as…

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Agia Triada

A very important, archaeological site in central Crete, with special natural beauty, close to Phaistos is Agia Triada. It is located 64km west of Heraklion and 3km south of Phaistos. The royal manor or small Minoan palace of Agia Triada was built around 1600 BC on a hill and is one of the greatest monuments of Minoan architecture with affluent finds. It is believed that…

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  The Palace of Phaistos, 20km from Agia Galini is one of most important Minoan palaces and the second largest (about 18.000 sq.m) compared to the one of Knossos, erected into a hill on the western edge of the largest and richest plain of Messara. From this point, the local lord-king had the control not only over the goods of the plain but even the…

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